What is the best way to get around Bali

What is the best way to get around Bali

As the saying goes, not all who wander are lost. But what if you’re wandering in Bali, an island filled with countless wonders and tourist destinations? This blog post aims to be your ultimate guide to getting around on this beautiful island. Yes, you guessed it right! Here we’ll explore “What is the best way to get around Bali?” Are you ready?

The Freedom of Private Vehicle

Touring Bali won’t be complete without embracing its scenic routes. Getting a private driver or opting for a rental car is perfect for those who want to explore Bali at their leisure and at their own pace. Having your own car offers convenient access to the major towns in Bali.

Now, Bali’s roads may seem like a maze for foreign visitors. Not to worry though, skip the navigation hassle with a well-acquainted local private driver, who is familiar with the roads in and around Bali. Remember getting an international driving permit or license if you opt for self-driving.

Make Use of Ride Hailing Apps

Ride hailing apps can be your best bet for getting around the island easily and at a reasonable price. These apps offer services from within the vicinity of Ngurah Rai International Airport to beautiful parts of Bali like Nusa Dua. Compared to local taxi companies, prices on these apps are often more predictable and affordable as tourists won’t have to haggle. Expect to pay a lower price for short rides in large towns and slightly more for long distances.

Scooter Rental for the Adventurous

For those who crave a different kind of riding experience, a scooter rental is your cheapest option to explore the picturesque rice fields and beaches. Be mindful of the local police and the international driving license requirement for drivers from western countries. Forewarned is forearmed, scooter riders should stay alert to avoid motorbike accidents, as traffic rules may differ here compared to Southeast Asia and other drivers might not always follow suit.

Taxi, a Classic Choice

The most traditional way to travel around Bali is by taxi. Known for their reliable service, taxi drivers in Bali can take you to your chosen tourist spots. For instance, the Blue Bird taxi company is a trusted name and travelers can rely on their service. Taxis are readily available throughout the day, but during peak hours, ride hailing apps might be a more affordable option. Taxis can be the perfect way to travel directly from Ngurah Rai Airport to tourist centers like Nusa Dua.

Public Transport the Locals’ Way

When in Bali, travel like locals do! Public transport is a fun and cheap way to experience Bali. There is an ample network of public buses connecting Bali’s major towns and tourist attractions. Public buses are mainly used for traveling between large towns, and the prices are set by the distance of the journey. Precautions are required to avoid rush hour and tourists should expect some variations in comfort levels afforded by these buses.

So, there you have it, a comprehensive guide meant to help tourists find the best way to get around Bali, from Ngurah Rai International Airport to the mesmerizing landscapes of the surrounding islands. Be it choosing a private car, hailing a taxi, renting a scooter or braving the public bus, exploring Bali has never been easier. Get ready for a perfect getaway!

Wait for our next post which will provide other tips to maximize your Bali adventure. Until then, stay tuned and expect lots more from our Bali guide. Happy traveling!

Exploring Other Islands and Regions

Apart from the known destinations, Bali has a myriad of hidden treasures that are worth exploring. Our travel guide extends beyond the shores of Bali to as far as Nusa Penida and other surrounding islands. Venture off the mainland for an unmatched island-hopping experience.

Although getting from one island to another might seem challenging, it’s not. The best deal usually involves hiring a private car or using ride hailing apps for transfers to and from the ferry port. Many companies even offer a combined car and boat ticket at a set price for convenience. Just remember to book in advance particularly during peak seasons.

Road Etiquette in Bali

One critical aspect of experiencing Bali in your own transport is understanding some local unwritten road rules. Driving customs might differ from those practiced in western countries. The most apparent among these is riding on the left side, which is the rule of the road in Southeast Asia.

Another point to consider is the drivers’ food breaks during long-distance journeys. Most drivers usually take a break for meals. It is customary to either wait for them patiently or join them for a different yet fun culinary adventure on the island.

A Visit to South Nusa Dua

Let us now talk about South Nusa Dua, one of the premier locations in Bali. While you can rent a taxi or scramble for a space on the public bus, having your own car remains the best bet, especially if you plan on exploring this area. The main roads are well-maintained and the traffic here is much more manageable than in the more crowded parts of Bali. Also, consider giving your driver a break while you enjoy exploring the beaches and resorts of South Nusa Dua at your leisure. It’s always best to explore the place at your own pace and not rush the experience.

Keeping It Budget Friendly

Experiencing Bali does not necessarily attribute to a heavy bill. Yes, a rental car or a private driver may cost a bit more than public transport, but the convenience and freedom they provide are often worth the extra cost. Also, feast on the local cuisines as they are mouth-watering and surprisingly affordable. Remember, a perfect getaway isn’t about spending excess, it’s about spending wisely.

Ensuring Safety on Bali’s Roads

Whilst driving around Bali and appreciating the splendors it holds, safety should not be compromised. Be aware of the common issues like rush hour traffic and the practices of other local drivers to avoid unnecessary surprises on the road. Remember, a considerable number of accidents in Bali are initiated due to reckless driving. Hence, always wear a seatbelt while in a car, and if you’re on a bike, never forget to wear a helmet.

So, are you excited for your journey around Bali? The fun doesn’t stop here and we’ll be back soon with more practical suggestions and tips to unravel Bali the right way.

Planning the Route

Planning your route is an effective strategy to save time, maximize your stay and reduce travel costs. Mapping out the major towns and attractions you want to visit will also help decide which type of transport would best serve your needs. Traffic can sometimes be unpredictable in Bali, making route planning all the more crucial.

But travelling in Bali doesn’t have to be stress-inducing. With a well-planned itinerary, your time around the island will be well-spent, whether you’re seeing the rice fields up close on a bike ride, or visiting the vibrant local markets on a taxi trip.

Making the Right Choice

Remember, the “best” way to get around Bali really depends on your preferences. Public transportation might be practical for budget-conscious travellers or those looking for a local experience. However, the taxi, despite being a bit pricier, provides comfortable, and direct journeys to various destinations. The scooter rental is perfect for those seeking pa sense of thrill on the island’s main roads.

Navigating the Ngurah Rai International Airport

Upon arrival at Ngurah Rai International Airport, the gateway to Bali, you’ll be greeted by a number of transport options. After a long flight, many tourists opt for the convenience of hiring a taxi or catching a ride with a ride hailing app to eliminate the hassle of navigating the public bus system with heavy luggage.

But while taxi and ride hailing apps provide a reasonable price for most tourists, keep in mind that if you plan to stay longer, renting your own car might be a cheaper option. With this, you will experience Bali at your own pace and make unscheduled breaks when a beautiful spot entices you.

Driving with Confidence in Bali

If you decide to rent your own car or bike, it is essential that you feel confident on the road. Having an international driving license is mandatory in Bali, in addition to your regular driving license from home. The traffic in Bali can be hectic and is quite different from what most people are used to in western countries, especially in peak hours. But, with caution, adherence to traffic laws, and some patience, driving around Bali can actually be fun.


In exploring the beautiful island of Bali, the journey is just as important as the destination. From negotiating with local taxi drivers, testing Bali’s well-noted taxi services to finding bare-foot luxury on its surrounding islands, the choices are as endless as they are enchanting.

Whatever you choose as your mode of transport, remember that the magic of Bali lies in its scenic vistas, bustling markets, and tranquil beaches. Exploring the island at your own pace uncovers the warmth of its people and immerses one fully in a deeply spiritual and exceptionally tolerant culture.

So, buckle up and enjoy what is indeed the “Island of the Gods”. Whether onboard a tourist bus joining the locals, in the back of a Blue Bird’s taxi, or riding your rented vehicle, Bali is sure to amaze and intrigue with every mile.