Discover the Magic of Bali, Home to the Magnificent Sayan House

The Sayan House

The captivating allure of Bali attracts a multitude of visitors each year, seeking to experience not just its eminent beauty but also to indulge in its round-the-clock vibrancy. This island, with its lush gardens, extravagant villas, and engaging cultural offerings, has established its glory across the world. But nestled within the heart of this spectacular island, the Sayan House, holds its unique charm, waiting to unravel its serenity to every visitor.

An Ode to the Sayan House: An Architectural and Culinary Masterpiece

Ever wondered where you could experience a dreamy sunset bar while savouring Latin American cuisines? The Sayan House offers just that and more. A panoramic view of the tropical lush garden and the Ayung River’s gorge, enjoyed from an air-conditioned accommodation, is a blissful experience like no other. The Sayan House isn’t just a remarkable architectural spectacle; it’s a panoramically placed boutique resort, offering a blend of captivating views and a world-class gourmet experience.

As a CHSE certified property, The Sayan House offers air conditioned accommodations complemented by free WiFi, providing guests with a comfortable and connected stay. The dining options, ranging from restaurants serving exceptional dinner to a bar with a breathtaking view, offer a variety of cuisines, enhancing the overall holiday experience.

The Charm of Ubud’s Sayan House: Where Luxury Embraces Tranquillity

The Sayan House nestles itself comfortably on Jalan Raya Sayan, a sought-after location that further amplifies the exotic charm the entire home possesses. The sight of a private pool set amidst the integral beauty of Ubud, enhances the appeal of this only villa. The resort premises resonate with a boutique resort’s charm and comfort, all while maintaining a personalised space for every guest.

Being CHSE certified, it offers a plethora of amenities like extra beds, satellite channels, access to public areas, and a relaxing Tree Spa. Visitors can enjoy the immense luxury of a sensational Asian spa with an entire home to themselves. This draws many guests looking for a luxurious retreat adorned with every utility and an unparalleled view.

A Culinary Joyride at the Sayan House: Temptations Touched by Sunshine

Featuring a stunning view, the dining at Sayan House is a formidable experience for anyone seeking to taste authenticity laced with creativity. The restaurant allows guests to enjoy their food while admiring the lush garden view, thus turning every meal into a remarkable experience. With an extraordinary menu, every meal, combined with the setting of a mesmerizing dinner, sits exceptionally well with every guest.

The free WiFi is offered over the entire property, including the restaurant, enabling guests to share their magical experiences in realtime. The Japanese infusion into the Latin American cuisines, their special requests attended with utmost care, the Sayan House provides a culinary journey that brings guests back for more reviews only to indulge once more.

Wellness at the Sayan House: A Deep Dive into the World of Relaxation

Vacation is incomplete without dedicating some time to personal wellness. The Sayan House provides top-notch facilities, making it a sought-after destination for those seeking rejuvenation. The spa, cradled amid nature, provides a calm and peaceful atmosphere, guaranteed to shed away all your worries and checkboxes the much-needed ‘self-care’ off every visitor’s list.

While you are at Sayan House, your wellness journey won’t be confined to the Spa Singakerta alone. The luxury resort also offers services like extra beds on special requests, all facilitated amid natural beauty. Be it a visually delightful spa experience or an unforgettable dining scenario; the Sayan House contributes to overall wellness with its exceptional array of services.

Experiencing the Night Sky: The Sunset Bar

The evening hues of Bali, backlighting the varying silhouettes of Ubud’s landscapes, is an indescribable spectacle. Now imagine witnessing this magical panorama from a strategically positioned sunset bar. The Sayan House houses such an enchanting venue.

The menu serves a diverse range of beverages catering to all taste buds. Pair them with some scrumptious bites, and you have the perfect evening, one that lingers with you even after departing. Apart from fulfilling your culinary expectations, the bar ensures to entertain your virtual followers by providing free WiFi throughout the property.

Sayan House Rooms: Comfort Encased in Luxury

The idea of “home” finds itself transforming at Sayan House. The villas at this property, replete with air conditioning and satellite channels, surpass the edges of luxury one has ever experienced. This isn’t just a room booking confirmation; it’s your ticket to an exquisite taste of classy living.

Be it air-conditioned accommodations with satellite channels or the availability of extra beds to accommodate changes, Sayan House guarantees a caring experience. Here, you discover the unique blend of homely comfort and five-star amenities, prepping up the space just as your heart desires.

Sit Back and Unwind: The Public Areas

A delightful holiday doesn’t confine to the excellently curated rooms alone. The Sayan House realizes this and offers grand public areas, which become your haven for casual strolls, impromptu picnic spots, or a place to relax and soak up the ambience. Be it free WiFi or the lush greenery gracing your strolls, every step within the property is delicately designed to extend your villa’s luxury.

Every detail about the public areas contributes to the overall experience, from the well-kept garden paths to the communal seats offering a breathtaking view. It is here the Sayan House promises and delivers an exceptional vacation experience.

Jalan Raya Sayan: A Location Like No Other

Isolated tranquillity, while enjoying the vibrance of Ubud, is a paradox Sayan House brings to reality. Nestled atop Jalan Raya Sayan, this place offers easy connectivity while preserving its peaceful charm. This endearing location is not just another point on the map, but an integral part of your holistic vacation experience.

As you navigate your way to the Sayan House and spot the Ayung River trailing by, it signals the onset of a holiday that will be etched in your heart for a lifetime. The mere mention of Jalan Raya Sayan among previous guests brings back waves of memories worth treasuring.


The Sayan House, an exceptional world in Bali, promises an immersive experience hard to forget. Every aspect of this place, from the luxurious villas to the exquisite sunset bar, from the lush gardens to the CHSE certified premises, notches up your holiday several tiers higher. So whether you’re here for a peaceful retreat or an invigorating adventure, expect to walk away with much more than just memories. The Sayan House isn’t just an interlude in your life. It’s a crescendo you’d always want to relive.

Explore Bali, discover the Sayan House, love every moment!