Indulge in Delicious Cuisine and Gorgeous Sunsets at Seasalt Seminyak

Seasalt Seminyak

Seasalt is a popular beachfront restaurant located in the heart of Seminyak, Bali. This restaurant offers a wide range of delicious seafood and other dishes, as well as a stunning setting with panoramic views of the ocean.

With a touch of Japanese fusion, Seasalt ushers in the beginning of a mouthwatering new seascape dining experience, teasing palates with an alluring taste of the sea in its fresh seafood selection.

Seasalt has a large and varied menu, featuring a range of fresh seafood and other dishes. Some of the highlights of the menu include dishes such as grilled fish, shrimp tempura, and lobster thermidor. The restaurant also has a range of refreshing drinks, including local and international beers, wines, and cocktails.

One of the things that sets Seasalt apart from other restaurants in Seminyak is its stunning setting. The restaurant is located right on the beach, offering panoramic views of the ocean and the surrounding area. The restaurant also has a large outdoor seating area, making it the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the beautiful sunset.

In addition to its delicious food and stunning setting, Seasalt is also known for its attentive and friendly staff. The waiters and waitresses are always happy to help with menu recommendations and ensure that guests have a pleasant dining experience.

Overall, Seasalt is a must-visit restaurant for anyone looking to enjoy delicious seafood and beautiful ocean views in Bali. Its tasty dishes, stunning setting, and attentive staff make it the perfect spot for a memorable dining experience.