Savaya, the Goddess of Sound in Uluwatu, Bali


Savaya, which officially opened on December 26th, 2020, is tucked between an untamed paradise of a jungle and towering limestone cliffs. A hundred metres above the Indian Ocean, this opulent retreat is perched on a beautiful natural treasure. Savaya offers all visitors a life-changing experience by drawing inspiration from nature’s energies.

Savaya is tucked between Uluwatu’s towering limestone cliffs and the wild paradise of the jungle. This opulent haven is perched 100 metres above the Indian Ocean on top of an amazing natural beauty.

The magnificent idea of Savaya the great goddess of sound was created by fusing the two phrases Sava, the Hindu goddess of sound, and aya, which means great or grand. The brand’s primary values revolve around music and sound. People frequently turn to music in search of inspiration, hope, or a way to express their most intense emotions. It’s hardly surprising that Savaya specialises in bringing the best musical experiences to Uluwatu, Bali.

At Savaya, embrace a musical adventure each and every day.

At the southernmost point of the island is Uluwatu, Bali. Uluwatu is home to spectacular clifftop views, white sand beaches, world-class surf breaks, and a variety of lodging options to suit all budgets. Uluwatu is known for the enigmatic Uluwatu Temple, through which the Rainbow Serpent’s ancient ley line enters Bali on its voyage of cleansing. Uluwatu resonates with a certain spiritual energy. The region offers an enthralling fusion of surf culture, lavish modern lifestyle, and traditional village life. Uluwatu has quickly emerged as the preferred location for the more discriminating traveller wanting a genuine Balinese experience, offering everything from five-star luxury resorts to inexpensive surf camps, fine dining restaurants to native warungs, and everything in between.

There are now more reasons than ever to climb the hill, with some of the most upscale new establishments on the island debuting on the cliffs of Bali’s gorgeous southern peninsula.

With progressively more exquisite and exclusive beach clubs in Bali, the island is quickly approaching the status of glitzy island getaways like Ibiza and Mykonos. The jet-set would be very content here, and the sporadic helicopter arrivals are a sure sign that Bali is evolving. Savaya, formerly known as Omnia, is a game-changer for Bali teeming with beautiful people adorning designer bikinis, dazzling caftans, men in linen shorts, and boardies straight out of the Esquire.

The cliff-side club is the freshest and biggest day club to open, and both the setting and the audience are breathtaking. Here, Hakkasan, one of the largest hospitality organisations in the world, has established its first facility in Indonesia. And what a declaration it is. They are already well-known in Las Vegas, and despite being brand-new, Bali’s social scene is already taking notice.

The expansive club’s distinctive colours are blue and white, which are complemented by a dazzling pool at the club’s horizon. Savaya elevates the bar for Uluwatu and Bali with its VIP gazebos, private pools, daybeds, and bar that defy gravity.

Savaya is stylish, clean, and welcoming, from the grand entryway to the multi-level lounge area that leads to the main pool deck. Everything in this establishment is immaculate and prepared for customers, including the glassware, menus, food, and service.

The setting is stunning, just next to the Alila Uluwatu resort on the Pecatu cliffs. The multi-level lounge area provides wide views of the club and sun protection. There are elegant sofas and daybeds lining the pool deck. To reach the main bar, which hangs above the cliff, patrons must cross a bridge. The bar gets its name from a sizable floating cube.

The VIP section, which has a private pool and luxurious gazebos surrounding it, is ideal for hosting large crowds. The DJ booth is in the centre of it all. Savaya is highly renowned internationally for its lineup of foreign talent, which is sure to be a magnet for the tuned-in and switched-on.

Savaya offers a comprehensive menu of seaside favourites along with a wonderful Japanese menu that gives patrons a taste of what they can expect from Sake no Hana, the namesake restaurant that looks out over the club, in addition to a wide selection of wine, champagne, beer, and speciality cocktails.

One of the most discriminating crowds in the world has already fallen in love with Sake no Hana, a contemporary Japanese eatery. They have a well-regarded restaurant in London’s Mayfair that attracts a distinguished clientele every day and serves Japanese cuisine.

A Japanese master chef created the menu at Sake no Hana, while another Japanese chef is in charge of the daily menu. Christian, the general manager, conducts himself professionally as he moves around the restaurant, offering menu recommendations that feature some of nature’s most exquisite foods. This is a menu for savouring, from the velvety, fresh Hamachi sashimi dressed simply with freshly grated wasabi and a truffle ponzu dipping sauce to amazing Alaskan king crab burnished with a chile gratin.

Sake no Hana has a view of Savaya.

Savaya and Sake no Hana are among the greatest hospitality businesses because they have a firm grasp of their niche. Everyone can afford to visit because prices range from reasonable to amazing. Parents are advised to hire a babysitter and take the day off because children under the age of 18 are not allowed.