Discover the Beauty and Tranquility of the Bali Wilderness at Savana Tianya

Savana Tianyar

The Savana Tianyar is one of Bali’s hidden gems that only a small number of tourists visit, making it an ideal location for travel and photography. Savana Tianyar is a location with a wide expanse of grass reaching the base of Mount Agung that is comparable to the lovely and unique Kenewa Island.

What distinguishes this location? The terrain will resemble a Savana during the dry season or have brownish grass as in Australia and Africa. And during the rainy season, the landscape completely transforms into a lush, gorgeous expanse of grass like Pulau Kenewa.

Maybe you’ve heard about the splendor of Sumbawa’s Kenewa Island? Precisely at the foot of Mount Tambora. Yes, there is a location in Bali that is very reminiscent of Savana Kenawa Sumbawa. You might try to visit Savana Tianyar if you haven’t been to Savana Kenewa.

If you’re lucky, you might be able to play with and take pictures of a horse while they are being groomed here in the neighborhood. If you wish to use a monkey bike, you simply need to pay 100,000 for each motor. You will be shown the Savana Tianyar by a guide.

In conclusion, Savana Tianyar is a hidden gem for anyone looking to experience the beauty and tranquility of the Bali wilderness. With its elegant and stunning views of Mount Agung, Savana Tianyar offers the ultimate luxurious seclusion.