Welcome to the Ramen Haven: Red Dragon Ramen Bali

Red Dragon Ramen

When you’re in Bali, a must-visit for all food aficionados is the Red Dragon Ramen. This Japanese enterprise, located at Unit G, offers the best ramen on the island.

Nestled in the bustling streets of Dewi Sri, the Red Dragon Ramen serves spicy Tonkotsu Ramen and a variety of hot Ramen dishes. The chicken variant is a must-have for poultry lovers. Its authentic Japanese Ramen taste is enriched with sumptuous chicken, and the noodles swimming in the delicious soup are simply irresistible.

To make things even more interesting, vegan options are available too. With some slight differences in the menu, vegan lovers can also enjoy the various Japanese dishes.

Red Dragon’s Spicy Tonkotsu Worth Raving About

Do you enjoy bone broth-based soup, Tonkotsu? At Red Dragon Japanese Ramen, the spicy Tonkotsu Ramen will take your taste buds to an unforgettable journey. The rich flavor of pork bone ‘broth’ coupled with extra spicy seasonings make it uniquely satisfying. The noodles are carefully cooked to the right measure, offering a rich, delicious taste that complements the flavorful broth perfectly.

Believe it or not, the pigs used to prepare the pork in this Tonkotsu variant are reared in a nearby farm, which contributes to the fresh and organic taste of the meal. According to visitors, the hot Ramen dishes are value for money considering the portion sizes and premium quality ingredients used. Don’t miss out on this delightful experience and choose spicy Tonkotsu Ramen next time you visit.

Bring The Heat With Red Dragon Japanese Ramen

If spicy food appeals to you, the Red Dragon’s extra spicy ramen will entice you. Named Red Dragon Ramen, the variant offers an inviting sensation of spice and flavor. The tantalizing spicy ramen is prepared with red dragon chilis, which adds to its unique taste.

The broth is meticulously prepared, adding just the right amount of meat and spicy seasonings to give you the heat you crave. Moreover, it is served with a hot soup side, making it the best Ramen offering you could find at Red Dragon Ramen Bali.

Remember the Etiquette, Know Your Ramen

If you’re eating at a local Japanese Ramen place, following the right eating etiquette will enhance your experience. For starters, using chopsticks to eat ramen is the traditional way. The Red Dragon Ramen provides chopsticks to all its patrons so don’t be shy and dive right in the experience of authentic ramen eating.

Always remember to taste the broth before anything else. It’s not only respectful towards the chef who spent hours preparing it but also allows you to take in all the rich flavors of the soup. Then, you can start eating your noodles, slurping is recommended. It’s seen as complimenting the chef on their cooking.

While at it, never forget to say “Gochisousama” after your meal. It means “Thank you for the meal”, showing gratitude towards the chef and the ingredients that went into the meal.

Visiting Bali, and especially Red Dragon Ramen, provides a rich authentic Japanese dining experience you wouldn’t want to miss. So come and enjoy the variety of Ramen dishes we have to offer with your friends and family. After all, there’s no other place like it on the island!

A Spicy Affair with Sambal Matah

True connoisseurs will appreciate a local favorite, Sambal Matah, at the Red Dragon Ramen unit G. A famous Balinese condiment, Sambal Matah is a summery blend of chili, lemongrass, and shallots, bringing a burst of flavor to the meal. It’s a local touch that adds an intriguingly delicious layer to the Japanese Ramen.

The Red Dragon Ramen offers Sambal Matah as an add-on to give your ramen an exciting local twist. While it may not be a traditional Japanese accompaniment, it’s a combination worth exploring if you’re in for a culinary adventure.

Chasing Authenticity at Red Dragon Ramen Bali

The authentic feature of the Red Dragon Ramen gives a unique sentimental experience. Just as you’d expect in a traditional restaurant in Japan, the Red Dragon Ramen Bali ensures they serve Japanese Ramen with utmost commitment to quality and tradition. Vegetables used are freshly sourced from local Bali retailers, contributing to a greener environment and supporting local businesses.

The various Ramen choices, prepared by the professional chefs, offer tantalizing tastes that hark back to the roots of traditional Japanese cuisine. It’s not just the food that speaks authenticity, but the service, ambiance, and the dining atmosphere are designed to give you a genuine Japanese experience.

Savory Journey at the Red Dragon Ramen Bali

The Red Dragon Ramen serves a wide selection of ramen. Ranging from spicy tonkotsu, to Red dragon’s very own hot ramen, the menu caters to all flavor preferences. A medium level of spice is also available for those who prefer a palatable amount of heat.

Their service has been given plentiful reviews by visitors expressing satisfaction. The friendly and helpful staff, along with the cozy ambience, adds to the whole dining experience. So, anytime you’re having a lunch out, remember the Red Dragon Ramen in Dewi Sri!

Red Dragon Ramen: Where Tradition Meets Innovation

From the restaurant’s architecture to the food, Red Dragon Ramen embraces a balance between the traditional and the modern. Traditional Japanese elements such as handmade ramen noodles and authentic shoyu broth chassis form the baseline, while innovation shines through in dishes like Tonkotsu and Red Dragon Ramen.

For those seeking halal options, chicken-based ramen variants are carefully prepared with chicken ingredients separately to cater to specific dietary requirements. Dewi Sri’s Red Dragon Ramen is indeed a unit that manages to remain both traditional and innovative at its core.

Sightseeing Around Dewi Sri and Nearby Hotels

The location of Red Dragon Ramen in the Dewi Sri area allows visitors to explore local landmarks and make the most of their visit. Nearby hotels provide comfortable accommodation for those planning an extended stay in the area. The restaurants in these hotels also offer additional food options for tourists.

This was just part one of your journey in Red Dragon Ramen Bali – stay excited for what’s to come in the world of ramen paradise!

The Vegan’s Delight: Vegan Ramen at Red Dragon Ramen

For those who follow a plant-based diet, Red Dragon Ramen has a delightful surprise. With delicious vegan Ramen offerings, nobody is left out at Red Dragon Ramen Bali. Vegetarian broth, vegan meat alternatives, and the freshest selection of local vegetables, make up this hearty bowl of Ramen. With the best Ramen in town, Red Dragon Ramen takes the vegan Ramen experience to the next level.

Socialize with Red Dragon Ramen

When you’re craving Japanese Ramen in the heart of Bali, follow Red Dragon Ramen on Facebook for the latest updates. The social media platform has a lot of reviews as well, which will provide you with a snapshot of what to look forward to at the restaurant. You’d especially want to do this before you visit to learn more about the menu and any new additions.

Why Choose Red Dragon Ramen Bali?

Choosing the place for your next meal is an important decision. Red Dragon Ramen makes this choice easy by offering a menu that caters to various tastes including those who adore spicy and flavorful Ramen. Then, there’s also the recommendations from so many delighted customers who have left glowing reviews. You’ll see that their Ramen Sai – an assorted bowl of Ramen delights – is something you have to try at least once.

The Allure of Red Dragon Ramen

To recommendations from delighted customers, to more exotic offerings like the Tonkotsu – always served with a mild or extra spicy option – Red Dragon Ramen aims to please all palates and preferences. With its prime location in Dewi Sri and proximity to many hotels, it has become more than just a place to eat but a highlight of many people’s trips to Bali.


Overall, Red Dragon Ramen in Bali is a marvellous blend of authentic Japanese tradition and modern tastes. So when in Bali, take note to appreciate the restaurants culture and follow the eating etiquettes. With its myriad of Ramen choices, from spicy to vegan, it is well equipped to provide a delightful experience for all Ramen lovers. Whether you are a local resident or a tourist, a visit to Red Dragon Ramen is sure to add a savoury and satisfying chapter to your Balinese adventure. So, give it a go, and let your taste buds steer you to the unforgettable Ramen journey!