Pantai Cinta, also known as The Beach Love

The beach love

The Beach Love, also known as Pantai Cinta in Indonesian, is situated in Kedungu, Tabanan Regency. With your family and close friends, this is the ideal location to take in the breathtaking sunset.

One of Tabanan’s nicest beaches with black sand is The Beach Love. Many visitors don’t mind travelling 45 minutes from Denpasar to get to the beautiful beach. Tabanan is where this beach is situated. One can take in the view on our own because the restrooms and parking lot are kept up beautifully and there aren’t many people around during the day. You can also unwind and take in the expansive ocean vista on a large rock formation on the beach’s western side.

The waves and tides at this beach are relatively tolerant for all guests to experience, thus people are welcome to swim and surf there. The area has a few surf schools.

Kedungu started out as a small Balinese fishing village and still is amidst the comings and goings of foreigners. What does the word mean, the smelly village or the crab village, well, you’d have to go there to delve deeper into the lore as most of the history is from mouth to mouth.

All we know is that it carries the soul of the sea.