Exploring Bali with Kids: Water Parks to Temple Trails

Water Parks

Exploring Bali as a family is an adventure like no other. With its stunning beaches, lush rice terraces, and vibrant culture, Bali offers a truly unique experience for all ages. From the thrilling water parks to the enchanting temple trails, there is something for everyone in Bali. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the best activities and places to visit in Bali with kids.

Preparing for Your Family Adventure in Bali

Traveling with children can be challenging, but with a little preparation and patience, it can also be incredibly rewarding. Before you set off on your journey to Bali, there are a few things you should consider:

When to Visit Bali with Kids

Bali is a year-round destination, but some months are better than others, especially if you’re traveling with kids. The best time to visit Bali is from May to September when the weather is dry and sunny, and the sea is calm and clear.

During these months, you can take your kids to explore the beautiful beaches of Bali, go snorkeling or diving, or visit the island’s many temples and cultural sites. You can also participate in various outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, and rafting.

Essential Items to Pack

When packing for Bali, it’s important to remember that the climate is hot and humid. Make sure to bring lightweight, breathable clothing, sunscreen, and mosquito repellent. It’s also a good idea to pack a first-aid kit, especially if you plan to do any outdoor activities.

Aside from the essentials, you may also want to bring a few items to keep your kids entertained during the trip. Books, coloring books, and small toys can help keep them occupied during long car rides or flights.

Choosing Family-Friendly Accommodations

One of the key factors in making your Bali family adventure successful is choosing the right accommodation. Look for family-friendly hotels or villas that offer facilities such as kid’s club, pool with water slides, and babysitting services.

Staying in a villa can be a great option for families as it provides more space and privacy. You can also cook your meals in the villa’s kitchen, which can be a convenient option if you have picky eaters in your family.

Some villas even offer additional services such as a personal chef or a driver, which can make your stay more comfortable and hassle-free.

Overall, Bali is a great destination for families who are looking for adventure and cultural experiences. With the right preparation and accommodations, your family can have a memorable and enjoyable trip to this beautiful island.

Fun-Filled Water Parks for the Whole Family

Bali is a tropical paradise that offers a perfect way to beat the heat and enjoy a day of fun with the family. The island is home to some of the best water parks in Asia, where you can splash around and cool off in the refreshing water. Here are three of our favorite water parks in Bali:

Waterbom Bali: Thrilling Slides and Attractions

Waterbom Bali is one of the biggest and most popular water parks in Bali. It boasts an impressive selection of thrilling slides and attractions that are sure to get your adrenaline pumping. If you’re a thrill-seeker, you’ll love the Super Bowl, which sends you spinning down a giant bowl before dropping you into a pool below. The Flow Rider is another must-try attraction that simulates the experience of surfing. And if you’re brave enough, try the Constrictor, a slide that twists and turns through a dark tunnel before spitting you out into a pool.

But Waterbom Bali isn’t just for daredevils. There are also several kid-friendly areas, such as Funtastic, which is designed for younger children. This area features small slides, fountains, and water cannons that are perfect for little ones. Kiddy Slide is another great option for kids, with its gentle slides and shallow pools.

Splash Waterpark Bali: A Cozy and Exciting Experience

If you’re looking for a more cozy and relaxed water park experience, Splash Waterpark Bali is an excellent choice. This park offers a more intimate atmosphere, with lush tropical gardens and a beautiful pool area. But don’t let the cozy atmosphere fool you – there are still plenty of water attractions to enjoy. The Splash Playground is a hit with kids, with its colorful slides, fountains, and waterfalls. The Racing River is another popular attraction, where you can float along a lazy river and take in the beautiful scenery.

If you’re looking for a bit more excitement, try the Big Red, a thrilling slide that sends you hurtling down a steep drop before shooting you out into a pool. And for those who want to relax and unwind, there are plenty of lounge chairs and cabanas where you can soak up the sun and enjoy a refreshing drink.

Circus Waterpark Bali: Affordable Fun for All Ages

Circus Waterpark Bali is a budget-friendly water park option that still offers plenty of fun for the whole family. This park features a variety of slides and pools that are sure to keep everyone entertained. The Circus Coaster is a must-try attraction, with its twists and turns that will leave you breathless. The Wave Slider is another popular slide, where you can ride the waves and feel like you’re surfing.

For younger kids, the Jungle Pool is a great option, with its shallow water and fun animal-themed fountains. And if you’re looking to cool off, take a dip in the Lazy River, where you can float along and enjoy the scenery.

Overall, Bali’s water parks offer something for everyone, whether you’re a thrill-seeker or just looking for a relaxing day in the water. So grab your swimsuit and get ready to make a splash!

Discovering Bali’s Rich Culture through Temple Trails

Bali is a land of rich culture and spirituality, and what better way to experience it than through a temple trail? The island is dotted with stunning temples, each with its unique history and significance. Here are three temples that should be on your family’s itinerary:

Uluwatu Temple: A Majestic Cliffside Experience

Perched on a cliff overlooking the Indian Ocean, Uluwatu Temple is one of the most beautiful and mystical temples in Bali. The temple’s location offers a spectacular view of the sunset, and the sound of the waves crashing against the rocks below adds to its mystique. The temple is dedicated to the spirits of the sea and is said to protect Bali from evil spirits.

As you explore the temple complex, you’ll encounter dozens of curious monkeys that roam the area. These monkeys are considered sacred and are believed to be the guardians of the temple. But be careful, they can be mischievous and may try to snatch your belongings!

Aside from its stunning location and resident monkeys, Uluwatu Temple is also famous for its traditional Kecak dance performance. The dance, which involves a group of men chanting and moving in unison, is a mesmerizing sight and is not to be missed.

Besakih Temple: The Mother Temple of Bali

Besakih Temple, also known as the Mother Temple of Bali, is the largest and most important temple in Bali. It comprises of 23 separate temples and shrines, all of which are perched on the slopes of Mount Agung, Bali’s highest volcano. The temple is a testament to Bali’s deep spiritual and cultural heritage and provides endless opportunities for reflection and exploration.

As you make your way through the temple complex, you’ll encounter intricately carved stone sculptures, ornate gates, and beautiful courtyards. The temple’s architecture is a blend of Hindu and Buddhist styles, reflecting Bali’s unique cultural mix.

Besakih Temple is also a popular destination for pilgrims, who come to offer prayers and make offerings to the gods. If you’re lucky, you may witness a traditional Balinese ceremony taking place, complete with colorful processions and traditional dress.

Tirta Empul Temple: A Sacred Water Temple Adventure

Tirta Empul Temple is a must-visit spiritual destination in Bali. The temple is famous for its sacred spring water, which is believed to have healing powers. Visitors can take a dip in the waters or observe the Balinese locals as they participate in purification rituals.

The temple’s main attraction is its central pool, which is fed by a natural spring. Visitors are encouraged to take a dip in the pool and experience the healing properties of the water. The pool is divided into several sections, each with its significance and purpose.

Aside from the pool, Tirta Empul Temple is also home to several other shrines and courtyards, each with its unique history and significance. The temple’s architecture is a blend of Hindu and Buddhist styles, reflecting Bali’s unique cultural mix.

Visiting Tirta Empul Temple is not only a spiritual experience but also a cultural one. As you observe the locals participating in purification rituals, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of Bali’s rich cultural heritage and the role that spirituality plays in everyday life.

Engaging in Kid-Friendly Outdoor Activities

Bali is an adventure playground with a host of outdoor activities that are perfect for kids and families. From exploring exotic wildlife to soaring through the treetops, Bali has something for everyone. Here are three of our top picks:

Bali Safari and Marine Park: Encounter Exotic Wildlife

Bali Safari and Marine Park is an excellent way for kids to learn about exotic animals such as lions, tigers, and elephants that are native to Indonesia. The park offers thrilling safaris, animal feeding encounters, and underwater adventures that give kids a chance to see the animals up close and personal. Imagine the excitement on your child’s face as they come face-to-face with a majestic tiger or watch a playful elephant frolic in the water.

But it’s not just about the animals themselves. The park also offers educational programs that teach kids about conservation efforts and the importance of protecting these magnificent creatures. Your family can leave the park not only with unforgettable memories but also with a newfound appreciation for the natural world.

Bali Treetop Adventure Park: Aerial Fun for All Ages

Bali Treetop Adventure Park is an adrenaline-pumping outdoor activity that is perfect for families. The park features various treetop circuits, including suspension bridges, spider nets, and Tarzan jumps. The circuits come in different levels of difficulty, making it suitable for all ages.

But it’s not just about the thrills. The park also offers a unique perspective on Bali’s lush forests and stunning landscapes. As you and your family soar through the treetops, you’ll be treated to breathtaking views of the surrounding scenery. And don’t worry, safety is a top priority at the park, with trained professionals ensuring that everyone is securely harnessed and briefed on safety protocols.

Bali Bird Park: A Colorful and Educational Experience

Bali Bird Park is a great option for families who want to explore Bali’s avian diversity. The park is home to over 1000 birds from more than 250 species, including rare and endangered birds such as the Bali Mynah and the Black Palm Cockatoo. Visitors can watch the birds in their natural habitats and even participate in bird feeding sessions.

But it’s not just about the birds themselves. The park also offers educational programs that teach kids about the importance of bird conservation and the role that birds play in the ecosystem. Your family can leave the park not only with beautiful photos of vibrant birds but also with a deeper understanding of the natural world around them.

So, whether you’re looking for an adventure-packed day or a more educational experience, Bali has plenty to offer families with kids of all ages. Book your tickets now and get ready for an unforgettable journey through Bali’s natural wonders.


Exploring Bali with kids is an adventure unlike any other. From its enchanting temples to its thrilling water parks and outdoor activities, Bali offers endless opportunities for families to create unforgettable memories. With a little planning and some flexibility, you and your family can enjoy a journey of a lifetime in this beautiful part of the world.