Crate Cafe in Canggu: Where the Food is Almost as Good as the Instagram-Worthy Decor

Crate Cafe

Bali, the jewel of Indonesia, is not just about lush landscapes and serene beaches; it’s a cornucopia of culinary delights that span traditional and modern cuisines. At the heart of this gastronomic wonderland is the Crate Cafe, tucked in the charming town of Canggu. Here is a glimpse into the eclectic menu of Crate Cafe that reflects the rich taste and vibrant culture of Bali.

Crate Cafe’s signature menu is a testament to its creative culinary prowess. Its unique offerings can be broadly categorized into breakfast bowls, toasties, brunch specials, munchies, smoothie bowls, beverages, and a selection of add-ons.

Smoothie Bowls & Chia Bowls:

Kick-start your day with the cafe’s signature ‘Smoothie Bowls’. Whether it’s the ‘Hipstar’, a blend of acai, frozen banana, cacao, and dragonfruit, sprinkled with shredded coconut, or the ‘Bowlarama’, which combines frozen banana, dragonfruit, granola, and watermelon, topped with shredded coconut, each bowl is a hearty serving of goodness that leaves you invigorated.

Among the Chia Bowls, ‘Pucker Up’, a perfect fusion of chia, frozen strawberries, coconut milk, and banana, is a crowd favorite. The ‘Bluebs’, a concoction of chia, frozen banana, blue spirulina, and papaya, is a flavorful indulgence that appeals to health-conscious diners.


The Crate Cafe’s Toasties are a testament to its innovative approach. Highlights include the ‘Ya Bish’, a classic bacon and egg sandwich, the ‘TEB’, a combination of tomato, lettuce, bacon, and egg, and ‘Hallo Me’, a sandwich packed with sardine, red miso, and salad. These hand-held delights offer comfort food at its best.


The Brunch selection further embodies the cafe’s fusion cuisine approach. ‘The Mafia’, a shiitake mushroom, feta, rocket pizza, is a hit among veggie lovers. ‘Curry Munch’, a vegan dish composed of fiery vegetables and pumpkin, takes patrons on a journey through Bali’s traditional flavors. The ‘Let’s Go’ vegan chickpea patty is a delight for vegans and non-vegans alike.


Crate Cafe’s selection of Munchies satisfies those with a sweet tooth. Try their freshly baked muffins, brownies, cookies, or banana bread, and don’t forget to check their daily ‘Froot Loop’.


For refreshing beverage options, Crate Cafe’s Smoothies are a must-try. The ‘Go Fruit Yself’, a blend of strawberries, pineapple, and banana, or the ‘Big Bold Banana’ with organic cacao and banana, are perfect tropical refreshers.

Barista & Tea:

No café experience is complete without a cup of soul-warming coffee. From the classic Espresso, Cappuccino, and Latte to Crate’s specialty ‘Dirty Chai’ and ‘Crate Cold Brew’, every option promises a perfect cup of coffee. Tea lovers aren’t left out, with the invigorating Macha making a fine companion for your meal.

In Conclusion:

Crate Cafe is a culinary hotspot that brings together the essence of Bali’s vibrant food scene. Its offerings cater to a diverse clientele, from health-conscious eaters to comfort food lovers. Every dish is a testament to the creativity and passion that goes into crafting this menu. As you plan your Bali getaway, make Crate Cafe a must-visit stop on your itinerary. Immerse yourself in the harmonious blending of local ingredients and global flavors, and experience the true taste of Bali. ‘Selamat Makan’ or ‘Happy Eating’!