A Shopper’s Paradise: Best Shopping in Bali

A Shopper's Paradise

From designer boutiques to local markets bustling with traditional crafts, shopping in Bali is an integral part of the island’s unique tourism experience. The mosaic of shopping destinations offers an eclectic mix of unique wares to satisfy any retail therapy cravings.

With this Bali shopping guide, we’re going to hop through Bali’s best shopping hotspots, revealing where to find the finest artisan crafts, international brands, and irresistible gourmet treats.

Sukawati Art Market: Dive into Artistic Heritage

Sukawati Art Market, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Bali for art lovers, is a go-to for phenomenal local crafts. This popular shopping destination imbues the charm of resonant culture evident in each art form at the art market. The art shops offer silver jewelry and traditional Balinese handicrafts like handmade jewellery, and local artisans display skills in creating exquisitely detailed textiles.

Marvel at the variety at this art market, finding delightful souvenirs like key chains, or go big with the beautifully crafted wooden sculptures. Moreover, the market offers them all at a very reasonable price. In the heart of the richness of culture lies the Sukawati Art Market with art galleries alongside the shops selling local designs.

Kumbasari Art Market: A Nighttime Shopping Gem

When the stars twinkle in Bali’s sky, Kumbasari Art Market lights up with an assortment of household items, local handicrafts, and clothing, making it one of the best shopping places at night.

Located in the traditionally rich region of Badung Market, this shopping space is where traditional crafts meet the night markets of Bali. From handmade crafts to local foods by food vendors, the market keeps buzzing till late, catering to a wide range of preferences. Foodies and shopping buffs, don’t miss out on this one!

Shopping Malls: Modernised Shopping Experience

For those who fancy international brands and lifestyle brands, Bali’s modern malls are your retreat. These shopping malls are home to designer boutiques and international brands catering to all tastes and budgets.

Discovery Shopping Mall and Seminyak Village are among the many that you can visit for a great shopping experience. With a wide variety of fashion boutiques and outlets, shoppers have plenty of choices for clothing, accessories, shoes, and more.

Bali Shopping Malls: Local and International Brands Galore

From local brands to famous international names, Bali shopping malls present a retail mix to satisfy everyone. Beachwalk Mall or the immensely popular Bali Collection are buzzing with energy.

These malls also house fine dining restaurants showcasing international cuisine. So, after picking up luxury fashion items or treating yourself with goodies from local brands, sit down for a heartening meal before you head back.

Ubud Art Market: The Essence of Bali’s Artisan Villages

Ubud Art Market, also known as the Ubud Market, amplifies the rich heritage of the most popular tourist destinations – the Artisan Villages. The market is not only a shopping destination; it’s a sensation that echoes the cultural richness of Bali through every piece of art that’s displayed.

In this lively market, you’ll find local herbs to traditional crafts, several shops selling household items to small shops with local handicrafts and textiles.

Go ahead, delve into the shopper’s paradise that Bali is. Whether you wish to indulge in shopping in Bali or want to explore art markets, this beautiful island will never disappoint. So in your visit to Bali, let your shopping spree bloom in one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

Seminyak Village: A Fashionista’s Dream

Seminyak Village is the epitome of style and sophistication, with a bevy of fashion boutiques marking its streets. Encompassing an assortment of local designers showcasing their creativity, this shopping centre is a unique hub that displays the best of Bali’s fashion.

While you’re here, don’t miss out on the designer boutiques filled with fashionable finds at reasonable prices. From funky prints to elegant pieces, clothing options are aplenty. The Village also showcases silver jewellery and artisan handicrafts, offering a local flavour amid international finds.

Seminyak Village — where local creativity and international fashion meet, making it one of the best shopping destinations in Bali.

Tegallalang Market: Traditional Craftsmanship Hub

Undeniably, Bali’s charm lies in the beautiful art crafts its local artisans create. If you’re on a quest to buy souvenirs for your loved ones, Tegallalang Market is the perfect shopping spot. Known for its traditional Balinese handicrafts, it attracts tourists from around the world.

You’ll find crafts including intricately designed hand-made jewellery, brilliantly patterned textiles, and much more. Do not miss out on the local crafts in this market; they represent Bali’s vibrant culture and tradition.

Kuta Art Market: An Impressive Display of Local Brands

Situated near the famous Kuta Beach, Kuta Art Market is a bustling street offering small shops that display an impressive range of local brands. A feast for the culture-loving shopper, this market presents local handicrafts, hand-braided hats, handmade jewellery, and batik fabrics.

Along with these stalls, you’ll find small cafes serving local cuisine to refresh you during your retail endeavour. Kuta Art Market is a shopping centre in itself, delivering authenticity with its traditional crafts, making shopping in Bali an engaging affair.

Beachwalk Mall: Modern Comfort and Island Spirit

Bali’s shopping scene is not just confined to street markets or standalone shops; it has a vibrant share of modern malls as well. Nestled on the Jalan Kartika Plaza, Beachwalk Mall offers a panoramic sea view coupled with a diverse shopping arena.

Here, you’ll find several shops filled with international brands, local brands, lifestyle brands, and much more. From fashion boutiques to cosmetic outlets, food court to fine dining restaurants — you’ve got it all here at Beachwalk Mall. The beach view mall is where modern facilities meet the spirit of an island, making your shopping experience even more enjoyable.

Sanur Market: A Small Shopping Heaven

Last but not least, Sanur Market is also worth a visit. Known for its reasonable prices, shopping in this market is a fantastic economic alternative. Be it traditional crafts, cheap clothes or local brand items, they have a great variety to offer. It is a perfect spot for those looking for a shopping destination with a broad range of items yet fitting within a budget.

Ulun Danu Temple Market: A Cultural Shopping Spree

Next on the shopping list is none other than the market surrounding the majestic Ulun Danu Temple. This little haven is often missed in mainstream Bali shopping guides, but it carries quite a charm for lovers of local brands.

Along with the religious significance of the Ulun Danu Temple, the surrounding market is filled with local artisans showcasing traditional Balinese handicrafts. You’ll find everything from handmade jewellery, traditional crafts to paintings done by local artists, perfectly capturing the essence of Bali.

Apart from the souvenirs, the street food vendors are a must-try for anyone who’s exploring. From local herbs to fine local cuisines, the market is packed with flavours of Bali, making it a feast for all senses.

Discovery Shopping Mall: Unleashing the Shopaholic in You

No list of shopping in Bali can be complete without mentioning the Discovery Shopping Mall. This mammoth shopping complex is a one-stop store for everything one might need. With a plethora of offerings from fashion boutiques for the style-minded, to souvenir shops for the memento seekers, it is indeed a shopper’s paradise.

Lined with premium fashion outlets and lifestyle brands, Discovery Shopping Mall is the epitome of modern malls. And once your retail therapy has led to an appetite, you can head over to the food court offering a mix of local and international cuisine.

John Hardy Ubud Workshop and Showroom: An Exclusive Shopping Experience

If you’re looking to indulge in a unique retail experience, the John Hardy Ubud Workshop and Showroom is a must-visit. Known for its sustainably crafted jewellery, the John Hardy Ubud workshop provides an exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse into the craftsmanship that goes behind each piece.

On one hand, it’s an opportunity to procure elegant silver jewellery, on the other it’s a chance to appreciate the intricacies of jewellery-making. The visit becomes all the more enriching when paired with a bite at their fine dining restaurants, making this more than just a shopping expedition.

Kerobokan Street: Designer Boutiques and More

Another prominent place on the Bali shopping map is Kerobokan Street. This shopping destination is teeming with designer boutiques, each showcasing a unique style and collection. Alongside these boutiques, you’ll also find many art markets housing beautiful pieces of art and unique decor.

Whether it’s international brands you’re after, or you’re intrigued by local brands, Kerobokan Street is a shopping destination that caters to every taste. A walk down this street and you’ll be treated to a mix of modern malls and traditional markets, all catering to the diverse retail needs of locals and visitors alike.

Jalan Kartika Plaza: A Shopaholic’s Day Out

Situated conveniently near Kuta beach, Jalan Kartika Plaza is where you’ll encounter a riveting retail experience. This bustling street is home to the renowned Discovery Shopping Mall among other popular tourist destinations.

If you enjoy shopping in air-conditioned comfort, head right into the shopping mall that houses an array of international and local brands. If you prefer wandering the streets moving from one small shop to the next, the street fronts of Jalan Kartika Plaza are dotted with them, offering plenty of local handicrafts, fashion boutiques, and souvenir shops.

Night Markets in Bali: A Unique Shopping Adventure

Exploring night markets is certainly one of the best shopping experiences in Bali. These bustling markets offer everything from traditional crafts to tasty local cuisine. Particularly prominent ones include the Badung Market and Kumbasari Market, where one can relish the local delicacies and shop to their heart’s content, all at reasonable prices.

Stalls at these night markets feature a wide array of items, from locally produced crafts and art forms to cheap clothes. Contrasting the modern malls, these night markets provide a unique shopping vibes that are raw, vibrant, authentic and unforgettable.

Seminyak Square: A Stylish Shopping Hub

Seminyak Square is another shining star in the constellation of shopping destinations in Bali. This modern shopping complex boasts a variety of shops that sell everything from lifestyle brands to local brands, and fashion boutiques to bookstores.

It is here that you’ll find stylish fashion outlets showcasing international brands alongside quirky local boutiques. To keep your energy up for shopping, the square also offers a variety of eateries where one can take a gastronomic break between their retail exploration.

Few other popular tourist destinations in Bali package so much variety in such an elegant setting like Seminyak Square. For shopping enthusiasts looking for a blend of high-end and street-style shopping, Seminyak Square is a must-visit.


Every corner of Bali whispers stories of its vibrant culture and heritage, tales echoed through the items found in its markets. Be it the high-end fashion outlets, lifestyle brands stores in modern malls, or the traditional markets brimming with local handicrafts, each offer a unique shopping experience, making Bali truly a shopper’s paradise.

From scintillating night markets to elegant shopping malls, the variety of shopping experiences in Bali cater to every type of traveller – budget, midrange, and luxury. So whether you’re a shopaholic or simply a tourist exploring the place, be sure to treat yourself to retail therapy next time you visit Bali. Happy shopping!